Names Devon everyone calls me “Devo” been playing competitive COD since mw2 on and off! Won two Lan events and played in 1 major lan event MLg Dallas open bracket! Played D1 tennis and tried to continue my career as a professional tennis player currently training and coaching with Taylor Dent at the Dent tennis academy! Love streaming after practice and playing anything competitive online now! Always good vibes and positivity.

Hey my name is Edy, I’m from Tennessee and I’m 18. I play competitive COD that I usually stream everyday, and also play other games such as fortnite and a little bit of counterstrike.

My name is Kyle Dodd and I am 28 years old and video games have been my passion for as long as I can remember. I broke into the competitive gaming scene back in Call of Duty 4 and Halo 3, traveling and competing in MLG Columbus, Raleigh, and Orlando. Following my Halo 3 travels I enlisted into the United States Navy. While it was difficult to travel and compete, I still stayed competitive online whenever I had the opportunity. It didn’t matter the game, if I played it, I competed. The following titles I would compete in were Titanfall where I achieved rank one on Gamebattles and then Smite. After eight years of military service I moved onto civilian life and am now a full time student, as well as pursuing to be successful streamer. Present day I compete in console Overwatch where I have been a Top 500 player every season, peaking at number three, as well winning numerous tournaments.

Hey! The names Eddie also known as Shuph or EddieRocKz. I’m 25 years old, from Chicago Illinois and a loving father of two beautiful baby boys. IRL I’m looking to pursue in law enforcement and achieve my goals to become a police officer, also part-time I like to pursue my goals & dreams to become a successful streamer/content creator. I mainly play Fortnite for now, but I am also in interest of other games as well not just Fortnite. I am also a shuffler dancer which I will have in my content and my streams! Shuffling has been my passion for many years now & I provide that in my content along with my gaming experience so expect some unique content like you never seen before!

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